Steering Committee Members

Marshall, Christian, PhD

Christian R. Marshall, PhD, FACMG, FCCMG

Associate Director, Genome Diagnostics, Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Dr.  Christian Marshall  completed  his  undergraduate  and  graduate  training  at  Simon  Fraser University in Vancouver. Following completion of his Ph.D. in 2005, he undertook a postdoctoral  fellowship in genetics  and  genome  biology  at  The  Hospital  for  Sick Children  (SickKids). This  work  focused  on copy  number  variation  analysis  for discovery  of  genes  involved  in  risk  for developing  autism. From  2009-13,  Dr. Marshall  was  a  research  associate  in  genetics  and  genome  biology  at SickKids, where  he  evaluated  new  genomic  technologies  and  applied  them  in  disease  gene discovery  across  neurodevelopmental  disorders. Since  2013, he has  held the position  of Associate  Director,  Division  of  Genome  Diagnostics,  Department  of Paediatric   Laboratory   Medicine   (DPLM) at   SickKids,   and   became   an Assistant Professor,   Department   of   Laboratory   Medicine   &   Pathobiology,   University   of Toronto in  2015.  Between  2014-2018,  he completed  advanced  specialty  training in clinical  molecular  genetics,  and  was  certified  as  a  Diplomat, American  Board  of Medical  Genetics  and  Genomics  (2017),  and  as  a  Fellow  of  the  Canadian  College  of Medical Geneticists (2018) and the American College of Medical Genetics (2018). Dr. Marshall’s  current  research  focuses  on  the  application  of  new  sequencing technologies for   identification   of   human   genome   variation   and   its   relation   to disease.  As  a  principal  investigator  for  the  Centre for Genetic Medicine’s Genome Clinic,  he  is  exploring  the  diagnostic  utility  of  whole  genome  sequencing  (WGS)  in pediatric medicine and the translation of the technology into clinical diagnostics.

Dr. Marshall served as the first Chair of the Medical Genome Initiative (2018-2020).

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